WorldGranny Ranked 30th in the Charity Top-50!

22-Nov-2011    The Charity Top 50 analyzed more than 800 charity organizations in the Netherlands. While attaining the 30th place in the Charity Top 50, WorldGranny left more than 400 organizations behind.

The Charity Top 50 is an initiative from the Dutch newspaper Trouw, in collaboration with the Erasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (ECSP)  and the ’Centraal Informatiepunt Goede Doelen’ (Central Information Point of Charities, CIGD), who conducted the research for the Top 50.

The ECSP administered a survey that predicts the effectiveness of charity organizations by concentrating on the way an organization is set up, the level of transparency, the way in which projects are executed, whether experts are involved in realizing the organization’s goals, whether an organization cooperates with other organizations and whether the supervision of the organization is separated from the board.

According to research by the ECSP, these themes are all prerequisites containing a forecasting value on the public success and social impact of a charity organization. For example, the success rate of a charity organization increases with a higher transparency level and by involving the beneficiaries with strategy and project development.

It is the second year that Trouw publishes the Charity Top-50. In the previous year the Top 50 only included charity organizations with a focus on healthcare. This year there are three different ranking lists: one for International Aid, one for Welfare and Culture and one for Healthcare. WorldGranny competed against up to 450 charity organizations in the category International Aid. The website of the Trouw Charity Monitor contains the complete database of all reviewed charity organizations.

Dark and Light was ranked first place in the previous Charity Top-50. Dark and Light is an organization that helps blind and partially sighted people in Africa and Asia. This year, the organization has been classified in the Top-50 International Aid, and was surprisingly ranked equally to larger charity organizations such as Oxfam Novib and Projecten Zuid-Afrika (Projects South Africa). However, further analysis on the accessibility and security of the websites of these charity organizations ranked Dark and Light slightly higher, and therefore it earned the first place.

Within the Netherlands there are thousands of registered charity organizations. The ECSP and the CIGD conducted this research in order to provide donors with some guidelines for choosing which charity organization to support. WorldGranny was established in 2004 with the aim to empower older people and alleviate extreme poverty amongst older people. WorldGranny thoroughly invests in transparency and effectiveness of aid. It prides me that our combined efforts are represented in the excellent ranking of our organization.

Thanks for all the good care and support!

Warm regards,

Caroline van Dullemen


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