Welcome to Pension & Development Network website


Welcome to the Pension & Development Network Website.

The P&D Network specializes in the development of micro pension products. Since 2008 the Pension & Development Network has worked with some of the leading Dutch financial institutions to use their expert knowledge to enroll micropensions in developing countries.

Our aim is to use the vast expertise of Dutch pension companies to help informal sector workers in developing countries access a pension.

Within this website you will find a host of useful information relating to our missions, goals, projects and partners. Furthermore, regular updates of upcoming events and webinars can be found in the left hand column.


The need for micropensions

The world's demographic transitions demands of emerging and established economies alike to undertake action. Micropensions are an underused policy instrument for achieving just and more equitable societies for all ages. Their vital role as part of...

Micropensions: Questions & Answers

A micropensions is a financial product for old age income security. But how are micropension provisions shaped? And how do they work?

Micro pensions introduction video

In this video the need for micro pensions is explained by focusing on the micro pension pilot-project in India, which the DHAN Foundation and the P&D Network have set up together.

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