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2-May-2011    The P&D Network provides full-scale project support for the development and implementation of micropension products, ranging from market research to product development and implementation, to organizational implementation and capacity building.

The aim of the Pension & Development Network is to build bridges between pension experts in the Netherlands and Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) in emerging economies. To this extent, the P&D Network was set-up as a collaborative enterprise together with various Dutch financial companies and institutions that are willing and able to apply their expertise in the field of pensions to the growing need for institutionalized old age provisions in emerging economies.

Through its extended network, the P&D Network offers consultancy, advice and hands-on support in designing, developing and implementing savings and micropension schemes. Combined, its members possess knowledge and expertise in all areas of pension systems, including direct investments, risk management, asset management, governance, project management, project finance, IT solutions, logistics, marketing, supervision, and regulation. 

Cooperation with the P&D Network always takes place on a local level, where the P&D Network partners with local agencies. In this way, the P&D Network is able to provide organizations like NGOs, MFIs and banks with valuable support in developing and implementating pension systems. The P&D Network also assists these organizations to develop or upgrade their savings product to a product with the characteristics of a pension, and does so by providing workshops and trainings.


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