The social security in Lebanon is regulated by a law of 1963, which provides for a social insurance system granting lump-sum benefits only.

The system covers employees in the following sectors: industry, commerce, and agriculture. Public sector employees and teachers are covered by a special system. Temporary agricultural employees, all employees who opted in 1965 to continue with coverage under the labor code, citizens of countries without reciprocal agreements and self-employed persons are excluded from the system.

Funds are contributed exclusively by the employer, who contributes 8.5% of the payroll. The insured person does not have to make any contribution.

The old-age benefit is available from age 60 but is compulsory after 64. The benefit is also payable at any age if the person has at least 20 years of employment, if a woman marries and leaves employment during the first year of marriage or on death (with at least 6 years of employment). In all cases, employment must cease.

A reduced benefit is paid at any age with 5 to 19 years of employment if the insured leaves employment permanently.

The old-age benefit consists of a lump sum of the final month of earnings (or 1 month of average monthly earnings during the previous 12 months, if greater) multiplied by the number of years of service up to 20 years plus 1.5 months of earnings per year of service beyond 20 years or up to age 64.

In case of reduced benefit, a lump sum of 50% of the old-age benefit is paid when the insured person has 1 to 5 years of contributions; 65% if it has between 5 and 10 years; 75% if it has 10 to 15 years; or 85% if it has between 15 and 20 years.

The system is administered by the Ministry of Labor, which provides general supervision and trusteeship and the National Social Security Fund (http://www.cnss.gov.lb), managed by a tripartite board and a director general, administers the program through its district offices.


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