Micropension in India

Interview with participants of a micropension scheme in India, who explain why they save for old age and how much they save.

Micropensions: Questions & Answers

A micropensions is a financial product for old age income security. But how are micropension provisions shaped? And how do they work?

The need for micropensions

The world's demographic transitions demands of emerging and established economies alike to undertake action. Micropensions are an underused policy instrument for achieving just and more equitable societies for all ages. Their vital role as part of...

Micropensions Questions & Answers

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Micro pensions introduction video

In this video the need for micro pensions is explained by focusing on the micro pension pilot-project in India, which the DHAN Foundation and the P&D Network have set up together.
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Webinar May 29th - Private Companies and Pension Provision

We are delighted to announce that REDCAMIF and HelpAge International will participate in our third and final webinar on the topic “What should be the role of private companies in pension provision in the developing world?”

Volunteers experience with DHAN micropensions project, India

A report into the experiences of volunteers from the Pension & Development Networks experience with the DHAN foundation micropensions project in India.
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Micropensions: old age security for the poor?

This article by Stuart Rutherford analyzes how micropensions can contribute to the assests of poor people and help protect them in old age.

Micropensions - The Scope and Progress to Date

This paper by MicroSave analyses three micropension models in India and assesses the potential for an adequate micropension business case.

Micropensions: helping the poor to save for the future

Many emerging economies face a daunting outlook of persistent old-age poverty. This article argues that micropension provisions offer a simple and effective means to alleviate this problem.

Micropensions amongst top solutions for combatting effect of global aging

By 2050, the older will out number the younger for the first time in the world’s history. Due to a globally declining birth rate, having too many people on the planet is no longer demographers’ chief worry. Now, having too few is.

Diversifying financial assets for poor people: micropensions as a tool to build wealth

This article by Christina Barrineau, former Chief Technical Advisor for the United Nations Capital Development Fund, stresses the need for micropensions, which can help poor people build wealth.

Micropensions: using the partner-agent model to develop old-age security for low-income people in India

This paper by Sybille Gianadda offers a very comprehensive overview of the way in which micropension provisions operate,.
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Annuity for micropensions

This article, written by econometrist Nadiya Ivanova, focuses on one of the most important aspects of the design of a micro pension product: the distribution phase.
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Optimal features of micropension schemes

This research paper, written by Nadiya Ivanova for the completion of her study Econometrics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, analyses elements of the traditional pension scheme in order to select optimal settings for micro pensions.
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Developing micropensions in India

This paper provides general recommendations regarding the features suitable for a micropension plan and analyzes case studies of two micropension plans launched recently in India (UTI Micropension scheme and Rajasthan Vishwakarma Unorganized Sector...
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Micropension plan: Indian perspective

In this paper, the author describes demographic trends in the modern Indian society and provides a description of the existing Indian pension plan and its drawbacks.
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Micropensions in India: a deep analysis

Ramesh Arunachalam (2007) has written a lenghty and extensive analysis of the implementation of micropension programs in India. This article offers a summary of the most important outcome of Arunachalam's analysis.
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Economic implications and sustainability of micropensions in India

India is going through a vast and capillary reform of its Pension System. This paper by Uthira and Manohar (published in 2009) presents the role which micropension programs may have in this context.
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