Illustration of the global aging phenomenon

An incredible visualization of the development story of 200 countries, shown over 200 years and beyond, in just 4 minutes.
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Population aging in Africa

A recent study by Dr. Benoît Kasala, representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), investigates the consequences of population aging in Africa.
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Population aging in Latin America

A new report by the WorldBank examines Latin America's rapidly aging population and the fiscal and policy challenges that these demographic changes will pose to governments throughout the region.

The impact of pension systems on fertility rate: a lesson for developing countries

This paper aims to illustrate the impact that the introduction of a fully-funded pension system (and in particular of a micro-pension scheme) has on developing countries' fertility rate, i.e. the number of children “desired” by families.
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The Indian demographic transition and its socio-economic effects

This paper by Chanana and Talwar (1987) focuses on the initial demographic trend of a rising India and its socio-economic and health implications.
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Understanding poverty amongst older people in India

This research paper by Pal and Palacios (2008) investigates the poverty rates among older people in India. According to the outcome, there is no significant difference between the poverty rates among elderly and non-elderly households, which is...
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