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Child labor: access to financial products and income variability

This article by Dehejia and Gatti (2002) investigates the role of income variability and access to financial products on child labor in different countries by measuring the level of financial development.

Financial development and poverty alleviation

Financial systems play a pivotal role in any country's economy. A well developed financial sector is thus pivotal to provide credit to the population of a country. This article attempts to examine the sources of financial development and its links...
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Half of the world is unbanked

A study by Financial Access Initiative, the first global estimate of its kind, reveals that 2.5 billion adults do not use formal services to save or borrow.

The role of financial development in poverty alleviation

This article by Beck, Kunt and Levine (2007) provides empirical evidence supporting the theory that financial development has a successful impact on poverty alleviation and income redistribution in developing countries.
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