Webinar May 29th - Private Companies and Pension Provision

14-May-2013    We are delighted to announce that HelpAge International and REDCAMIF will join our Webinar on the topic “What should be the role of private companies in pension provision in the developing world?”

Micropensions: What should be the role of private companies in pension provision in the developing world?


Following the success of our earlier webinars WorldGranny and the Pension & Development Network are delighted to announce the third and final Webinar in our micropensions series. The Webinar will discuss the debate surrounding the role of private companies in pension provision in developing states. The hour long Webinar includes keynote speakers from REDCAMIF and HelpAge International.


Why Private Companies?


Micropensions are often criticized, because many believe that pension provision is exclusively the duty of the government.

Within discussions on old aged pension provisions, there exists some debate surrounding what, if any, the role of private pension companies should be in developing states. Ideally, governments should fulfill their responsibility towards their citizens and provide people with pension provisions. Yet, in reality many states - especially in developing countries – do not provide adequate pension provisions.  The situation is delicate as governments should not shun their responsibility to citizens by outsourcing pension provisions to private companies, yet urgent action is required. Global ageing is accelerating and without an adequate solution, millions of people in developing countries not only face limited access to pension provisions, but will be plunged into poverty in later life.

The aim of the Webinar is therefore to discuss what role private companies can have in providing old age pension in developing countries. To this end, we have invited various parties to present their opinions on how to approach the need for pensions and for them to discuss how and what (if any) role they see for private pension companies.


Setup of the third Webinar!

Once registered, each participant will be able to send us any question that they would like the participants to answer. Once all the questions have been sent, a selection will be chosen and put to the participants.


Webinar schedule:

  • Presentations and videos from speakers
  • Live Questions and answers
  • Further discussion and information exchange


Webinar details:

Unfortunately the May Webinar on micropensions has passed.

If you would like to recieve a recording of the December Webinar please and further information on future webinars please email:




Registration includes:

  • Access to a live, interactive Webinar
  • All PowerPoint slides used in the Webinar
  • The option of sending any questions you would like to be addressed beforehand
  • Access to highlights
  • An opportunity to question participants
  • Possibility of networking and email exchange


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