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2-May-2011    Since the P&D Network is a not-for-profit organization, it does not focus on gaining revenue out of the development and implementation of micropension provisions.

Instead, the activities of the P&D Network are aimed at realizing the three goals it has set the period of 2011 – 2015:

1. The main objective of the P&D Network in the coming five years is to provide a total of one million people (primarily young and/or female members of MFIs), living in emerging economies, the opportunity to participate in a (micro) pension provision through the local partner organizations of the P&D Network.

2. Through financial training and education, organized by the above mentioned local partner organizations of the P&D Network, another one million people will be made aware of the possibilities of (micro) pension and long term savings provisions.

3. In order to achieve this objective, the P&D Network will realize a number of 15 long term and short term 25 new cooperations with partner organizations in emerging economies.


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