Anouk Smits Intern at the P&D Network

21-Dec-2011    A micro pension assignment in Sri Lanka

My name is Anouk Smits, 23, and recently graduated from the Netspar master at Tilburg University. I would like to start my career by sharing the knowledge I gained with the less fortunate and combine this with broadening my own perspective on pension provisions.

From February to August 2012 I will work as a research consultant for the P&D Network’s Sri Lankan counterpart SEEDS (Sarvodaya Economic Enterprise Development Services), a local micro finance organization (a detailed MixMarket report can be found here). My project focuses on market research and development of micro pension for marginalized in Sri Lanka.

During my bachelor International Economics and Finance I spent half a year studying at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. There I took an inspiring course in behavioral economics that raised my interest and changed my view on economic theory. Seemingly insignificant adjustments in the framing of a choice without changing the value, lead to significant different decision making.

During my master Economics and Finance of Ageing I deepened my knowledge on applied behavioral finance. My Master thesis, titled 'Deminishing the Pension Gap: From insight to Action', focuses on the gap between insight and action when facing a pension gap, and shows the importance of a solid pension system design. I believe that by participating in the P&D Network’s micro pension agenda I can contribute to a solid old-age income system in Sri Lanka.


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