P&D Network will expand project base in Central and South East Asia

30-Jun-2011    The Pension & Development Network is expecting to significantly expand its operations during the period 2011 – 2015, by developing and implementing 15 new projects in five countries in Central and Southeast Asia.

In 2010, the Dutch non-profit organizations Medical Committee Netherlands Vietnam (MCNV), the Global Initiative on Psychiatry (GIP) and WorldGranny agreed to combine forces in the alleviation of poverty and form an alliance, which was named the ‘Transition in the East Alliance’.

The Transition in the East Alliance seeks to secure basic rights of vulnerable groups through livelihood development, civil society strengthening, and comprehensive care amongst people with mental health problems, disabilities, senior citizens, ethnic minorities and the poor.

In the capacity of the Transition in the East Alliance, MCNV, GIP and WorldGranny developed a proposal for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was approved on November 1st 2010. This approval signifies that MCNV, GIP and WorldGranny will receive 8 million euro over a period of 5 years for their work in five countries in Central and Southeast Asia: Georgia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan and Vietnam.

Role of the P&D Network
The Transition in the East Alliance taps straight into the new opportunities offered by transition, but also aims to fill gaps created by the processes of economic and demographic transition in several countries in the East. It will do this by focusing on the people who are being left behind by development, and working with emerging institutions and civil society movements.

One of the goals of the Transition in the East Alliance is to strengthen the economic position of its target groups by providing them with access to microfinance. With its experience in the field of micro pension and micro insurance provisions, the P&D Network (which is a division of WorldGranny) will be actively involved in realizing the microfinance aspect of the alliance’s program, developing a total of 15 microfinance projects in the countries Laos (3), Georgia (1), Tajikistan (1), Sri Lanka (3) and Vietnam (7).

P&D Network project map: current projects (orange) & future projects (purple)

The focus of the P&D Network will be twofold:
1.    Creating awareness of the target groups need for financial inclusion, by realizing partnerships between local interest organizations and microfinance institutions (through the organization of conferences, stakeholder meetings and trainings, the interests of the target groups will be advocated);
2.    Developing and implementing micro finance products that are catered to the needs of the target groups, in collaboration with local microfinance institutions.

The P&D Network is proud to participate in the Transition in the East Alliance and looks forward to establishing new collaborations and partnerships in the affiliated program countries.

For inquiries regarding the activities of the P&D Network in the affiliated program countries, please contact the P&D Network via info[at]pensiondevelopment.org.


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