13-Apr-2012    Initiated by WorldGranny and partners in 2008, the Pension & Development Network is operated from the WorldGranny office.

WorldGranny is a Netherlands-based NGO that works with & for the elderly in emerging economies, in order to improve the quality of their lives and that of their relatives. WorldGranny believes that the provision of old-age arrangements is a universal right for elderly people. However, not all governments provide a social pension scheme for the elderly. It is the opinion of WorldGranny that all people should get the opportunity to save for their old age in reliable pension schemes.

As Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) have developed micro credit products, micro insurance products and saving accounts, the next logical step is to develop old age income security products, like micropensions. It is time for the microfinance sector to build efficient and effective vehicles to help the informal sector save for old age. 

WorldGranny believes that the only structural solution to aging is the implementation of pension schemes. Therefore, WorldGranny has initiated the Pension & Development Network, in which it combines forces and exchanges expertise on risk management in developing countries. The aim of the WorldGranny Pension & Development Network is to link pension funds, banks, policy makers and NGOs in the Netherlands to MFIs, NGOs and banks in developing countries, in order to exchange knowledge and experience about developing and implementing old age provisions focusing on social and micro pension schemes.

In the Pension & Development Network, WorldGranny employs a dual approach to creating income security for poor people in developing countries. WorldGranny does so by lobbying in the public sector for the implementations of social pensions through partner HelpAge International and by using an innovative approach to private sector income security: by using the financial knowledge and expertise of Dutch financial organizations to develop, design and implement long term & financially sustainable old-age provisions in developing countries.


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