2-Mar-2011    AEGON Global Pensions helps multinational companies optimise their pensions around the world. Our team of global pension experts is experienced in working closely with multinational companies and their advisors.

Despite recent changes, for many multinational companies, pensions are still predominantly a domestic issue. But, at the same time, they are rapidly becoming an international, cross-border issue as well. That’s why AEGON Global Pensions offers products and services that address both the local and global needs of multinational companies.

Our international presence means we can help companies no matter where they are located. With experts on the ground in Europe, the Americas and Asia, AEGON Global Pensions has first-hand knowledge of the local pension legislation and labour practices that often dictate a need for local solutions.

Our team of Regional Sales Directors is experienced in working closely with multinational companies and their consultants, providing the support they need in order to develop a more integrated approach to both domestic and cross-border pension issues.

It’s this approach that enables AEGON Global Pensions not only to respond to our clients’ requirements today, but also to help them adapt as the international pensions environment continues to evolve. We can bring pension plans together under a single roof, strengthening management, increasing efficiency and allowing multinational companies to get on with what matters most to them – building a successful business.

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