P&D Network Special Report: China's pension provisions

20-Dec-2010    With a population of 1.33 billion people, China is the single largest country in the world. The sheer size of its population makes the Chinese society especially vulnarable to the effects of the global demographic transition.

Due to the size of its population, China is already facing difficulties governing its population, as well as managing its economic and social development. Taking the worldwide demographic transition into account, which shows the trend of a globally againg population, it becomes clear that a sound old-age income policy is of upmost importance for China's social and economic stability.

In order to gain insight into the current situation of China's old-age income provisions, the P&D Network has conducted two studies to map both China's contemporary pension provision (The Chinese Old-Age Pension Plans, by Cindy Yuan), as well as the role of China's traditional social welfare system, 'filial piety' (Role of Filial Piety in China's Social Welfare Development, by Renee Chiu).


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