Micro pensions introduced in Vietnam during Micro Insurance Conference

5-Aug-2010    P&D Network member Mr. Hatim Baheranwala introduced micro-pension products to several insurance companies and social organizations involved in organizing micro-insurance, which may become partners of the Pension & Development Network in the future.

Hatim Baheranwala, formere employee of SPF Beheer (the Netherlands) and active member of the Pension & Development Network, spoke at the 4th Asian Conference on Micro-insurance, which took place on the 22nd and 23rd of July in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (a profile of all participating speakers is attached below).

The agenda of the conference was primarily tuned towards the insurance industry – covering issues such as regulation & global inter-governmental initiatives to promote micro-insurance, use of technology to improve claims processing, increasing education of micro-insurance in the target markets, etc. However, given that the focus group (i.e. people at the base of the economic pyramid in developing countries) is the same for micro-insurance and micro-pensions, there were interesting take aways from the conference. Insurance companies and social organizations which have been active in organizing micro-insurance schemes expressed interest in moving into micro-pensions, and may become partners of the Pension & Development Network in future.

The presentation of Hatim was received favourably, in general by the conference attendees, with many delegates from insurance companies mentioning that they saw the value of adding a savings / pension component to their micro-insurance product. A few delegates expressed interest in developing a deeper dialogue with us and have contacted the P&D Network office in Amsterdam. 


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