Philippines: RIMANSI

5-Aug-2010    Together with the P&D Network, RIMANSI will develop and implement a micro-pension product for people working in the informal sector in the Philippines.

RIMANSI is a network of professionally-managed Mutual Benefit Associations, owned and managed by the members that provide affordable, comprehensive, quality micro-insurance products and services to millions of poor people in Asia and the Pacific. RIMANSI is a resource center based in the Philippines that develops and offers risk management solutions to member-owned micro-insurers, especially Mutual Benefit Associations, strengthening their capacity in providing risk and social protection services to the poor on a sustainable basis. RIMANSI advocates for a policy environment conducive to micro-insurance development. RIMANSI has 12 MI-MBAs member organisations with outreach of 1.2 million members (Philippines); 6 Pilot Partners in Cambodia, Indonesia & Vietnam.

With the support of the Pension & Development Network, RIMANSI and MBA member organisations of RIMANSI will develop and implement a micro pension product for people working in the informal sector in the Philippines.



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