P&D Network nominated for Dutch Insurance Awards

9-Mar-2010    The Pension & Development Network, part of the Dutch NGO WorldGranny, has been nominated for the Golden Shield of the Dutch Insurance Awards, in the category Corporate Social Responsibility.

The second edition of the Dutch Insurance Awards will take place in June 2010. Fifteen awards, the Golden Shields, will be handed out to companies and individuals who have shown superb achievements within their field of specialism. The WorldGranny Pension & Development Network has been recommended by one of the participating organizations of the Network: Montae. Montae offers advise and support to (the management of) branch and corporate sector pension funds, trade unions, employers and insurers on collective pension schemes. 

WorldGranny, a Dutch non-governmental organization, supports projects for older people and their communities in developing countries, in the areas of income, care, health and rights. In consultation with local organizations WorldGranny assist older people in Africa, Latin America and Asia. WorldGranny is partner of HelpAge International, a worldwide network of 70 organisations working in 50 countries with and for older people in developing countries to improve the quality of their lives and that of their relatives. As global aging continues, the consequences of migration and the hiv/aids epidemic make the life of older people more vulnerable. It’s the paradox of development that longevity is becoming a serious risk that (extended) families can often hardly bear. 


WorldGranny believes that the only structural solution to aging is the implementation of pension schemes. Therefore, in 2007, WorldGranny initiated the Pension & Development Network, in which expertise on risk management is combined and exchanged with developing countries. The aim of the Pension & Development Network is to link pension funds, banks, policy makers and NGOs in the Netherlands to MFIs, NGOs and banks in developing countries, in order to exchange knowledge and experience about developing and implementing old age provisions focusing on social and micro pension schemes.


The Pension & Development Network is currently supporting projects in India, Kenya, Georgia and Bangladesh. April 2010 will mark the launch of the first micro pension pilot, in cooperation with the DHAN Foundation in India. This micro pension pilot has the ambition to provide 25.000 poor people, working in the informal sector of India, with a sustainable pension provision, in a time span of 5 years.

Pension provision is one of WorldGranny's most significant themes. Worldwide populations are rapidly aging: the current amount of people over 60 years and older is roughly 2 billion. By 2025, this amount will have almost doubled to 3.8 billion. Pension provisions are the only sustainable answer to the process of rapid ageing and the increase in poverty which is connected with it.



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