Impression new years reception P&D Network

9-Mar-2010    On the 28th of January, the P&D Network organized a new years event to meet up with all volunteers of the network. For this event the Dutch Association of Insurers had generously placed one of their conference rooms in the company's headquarters in The Hague at the disposal of the Pension & Development Network.

The meeting was opened by Rene Blijlevens, working for the Dutch Association of Insurers and member of the P&D Network Presentation. Robert Lensink, professor of the University of Groningen gave a presentation on how to evaluate a microfinance product, how to set up a pilot project and what difficulties can be expected when developing and implementing a new product.

Boudewijn Sterk and Jansje van Middendorp, both employed as Programme Manager for the WorldGranny Pension & Development Network , contributed by informing the persons present about the possibilities to contribute to the activities of the network. Currently, the P&D Network has two vacancies which aim at supporting local MFI’s with setting up a micro pension scheme: one for the DHAN Foundation in India, and one for PAWDEP in Kenia. Besides this, the P&D Network needs experts to develop and execute a training about micro pensions, and volunteers who contribute to the website by writing articles and news items.

Jos van Ophem briefed the audience on the DHAN India project group and explained the difficulties concerning the project, for example the lack of reliable mortality tables, high inflation rates and preference for involving people of 50 years and older in the pension model. After Jos’ presentation the meeting was closed and the informal network meeting started.

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