Update project DHAN, March 2010

9-Mar-2010    The set up of a micro pension scheme in India has come one step closer with the completion of the DHAN Foundation baseline survey in February. The DHAN Foundation executed the baseline survey in order to analyze the demographic composition, occupation pattern and income levels of their target group of clients.

The contribution level is the most deciding factor for designing a feasible and viable longevity insurance product. Therefore, a feasibility study, which aims at profiling the population and analyzing the levels of ‘willing to pay’ and ‘ability to pay’, is planned for March 2010.  

The results of the feasibility study are expected in April. By this time it should be clear if, how, when and to what extent clients are able to contribute to a pension product. With the figures and data available the pension product could be finalized. The Pension & Development Network will send a technical mission, consisting of a pension model developer and a product developer, to India in April in order to assist DHAN in developing the pension product.  On the 15th of April the product will be officially launched, in the presence of the Joint Working Group (consisting of members of the Pension & Development Network and DHAN Foundation). 


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