Cindy Yuan intern P&D Network

4-Mar-2010    My name is Yumeng (Cindy) Yuan. I am a Chinese girl, yet a fourth year undergraduate (majoring in Actuarial Science) in the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Pursuing my studies in Actuarial Science, I found that it is best of me to have great study and work experiences around the world.  Therefore, after studying at Hong Kong University for the fall semester as an international exchange student in 2009, I decided to look for an internship.  Fortunately, Talent&Pro helped me match to the non-governmental organization WorldGranny. For their seperate division, called the 'Pension & Development Network', I am working on actuarial calculations for non-contributory pensions.  The projects will last for four months.  Hence, I'm glad that I can stay here and enjoy Amsterdam for four months.

As an intern at the WorldGranny Pension & Development Network, my task is to implement a hybrid micro-pension plan of term insurance and deferred whole life annuity.  This product would be defined benefit and defined contribution based on actuarial calculations using mortality rate of old-age people in India, in which an insured pays a fixed premium annually to get compensation of either death insurance or life long annuities before or after age of 60.  Other than this project, because of my Chinese background, I am also doing research on Chinese Old-Age Pension Plan System and Micro finance stages in China to see what we can learn or avoid from the Chinese System.

Do you know motivated students who wish to gain professional experience in the field of micro pensions? The P&D Network has possibilities for an internship starting from April 2010.

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