Nepal: Selfhelp Group for Cerebral Palsey (SGCP)

23-Sep-2009    SGCP contacted the P&D Network in order to develop a structure for providing old-age security to SGCP employees

In the last two years, the Nepalese society has been confronted with large scale social transformations. One of these transformations has been the rise of labour-unions, until recently an unknown phenomenon in Nepal. The newly established labour unions started to demand pension provisions for workers from local entrepreneurs and the government. Although the provision of pension schemes did not become an instant reality, different commercial sectors (i.e. the tourist industry) in Nepal are readily providing pension schemes for their employees.

NGOs, who often lack the means to provide pension provisions for their employees, have been negatively affected by these developments. Since families in Nepal often depend on the income of one wage-earner, NGO employees are put under pressure by their families to find a job in a sector that does offer pension-provision.

Pension model for the Selfhelp Group for Cerebral Palsey

The Nepalese NGO Selfhelp Group for Cerebral Palsey (SGCP), an NGO that has twenty years of experience in caring for spastic children and their parents in Nepal, was faced with the need for pensions for their staff. These highly motivated employees were facing increasing pressure from family members to take up jobs in sectors that would provide them with stable financial basis in the longer run, for example the hotel business.

In order to keep their staff, SGCP decided to invest in a pension system and contacted their counterpart, the Dutch NGO Diyalo (Stichting Zorg voor Later NGO's Nepal). Diyalo has been established with the support of people from Dutch pension- and financial organizations, and through initiatives from within the Netherlands provides SGCP with proper facilities and well trained staff (teachers, physiotherapists e.a.). Diyalo contacted the Pension & Development Network for support in SGCP's pension issue.

Result: worldwide deployable concept pension scheme

Through actuarial calculations, the Pension & Development Network set up a concept pension scheme, as well as an operational plan, including an evaluation and monitoring scheme. This resulted in a pension scheme which is not only usable for SGCP employees and the entire NGO branch in Nepal, but also implementable in any country worldwide.


The Pension & Development Network is currently waiting for the green light to implement this pension scheme in Nepal. More detailed information on the setup of this pension scheme can be found in the documents below.


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